Thank you for your interest in a plastic surgery clerkship here at the University of Southern California. The plastic surgery program here is a cutting-edge, multi-center experience with broad exposure to all aspects of plastic surgery. We have designed the clerkship experience based on these characteristics.

Typically, a visiting student will spend 1 week at each of the following rotations:

We encourage anyone interested in applying to our residency to consider a visiting clerkship. Clerkships are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are interested in applying for a clerkship, please do so as early as possible. Please apply via VSAS. The application process is handled through the Office of Student Affairs at (323) 442-2418.

You can also contact Student Affairs, Bobbie Kasbekar at (323) 442-2569 directly regarding application questions.

For questions specific to the program, please feel free to email any one of the residents or our residency program coordinator Erica Luong at (323) 442-7903.

For medical students interested in pursuing plastic surgery research, please refer to our research section for research opportunities.