Don Hoang, MD, MHS

Don Hoang, M.D., M.H.S.

Integrated Resident


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

College: Stanford University

Medical School: Yale University School of Medicine

Hobbies: Basketball, Snowboarding, Music, Rock Climbing



Don Hoang graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Biological Sciences and had a brief stint at Amgen, a biotechnology firm, before going to medical school. At Yale University, he received a one-year research position as part of the NIH CTSA TL1 Yale Predoctoral Clinical Research Training Program and earned a Masters Degree in Health Science research. He hopes to use his surgical training and experiences to push the boundaries of technology and surgery innovation and delivery both in the U.S. and abroad. 


  • Gaspar Anastasi Award Best Resident Research Competition Aesthetic Meeting (2016 – research)
  • Yale University School of Medicine Louis Welt Prize for outstanding thesis (2012 - research)
  • BCA Norma Lies Mitchell $100,000 Exceptional Project Grant (2011 – research)
  • Lee E. Farr Scholar Award, Yale University School of Medicine (2011 – research)
  • NIH CTSA-TL1 Yale Predoctoral Clinical Research Training Fellowship (2010 – research)
  • Wilbur Downs International Student Fellowship (2008 - research)
  • Yale Surgical Society - American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress Award (2008 – Clinical)
  • Phi Beta Kappa Academic Honor Society (2007 – Academic)

Publications/Presentations (Research Gate)

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