Ashley Stasiak, M.D.

Integrated Resident


Hometown: Michigan

College: University of Michigan

Medical School: University of Michigan

Hobbies: International travel



Dr. Stasiak earned her Bachelor of Science from The University of Michigan where she pursued research in SCN entrainment and circadian rhythms. She went on to earn her medical degree from The University of Michigan Medical School where she began research on peripheral migraine trigger points under the guidance of Paul S. Cederna, MD. She was at the top of class during all of all her time at University of Michigan and received several academic awards, including Best Clinical Paper at the Michigan Academy of Plastic Surgeons. She competed in dance for nearly twenty years.


  • 2014 Dean’s Commendation for Outstanding Performance in Comprehensive Clinical Assessment, University of Michigan Medical School
  • 2014 Best Clinical Paper, Michigan Academy of Plastic Surgeons


  • Gritton HJ, Stasiak AM, Sarter M, Lee TM. Cognitive performance as a Zeitgeber: cognitive oscillators and cholinergic modulation of the SCN entrain circadian rhythms. PloS one. 8.2 (2013).