A. Lyonel Carre, MD

A. Lyonel Carre, M.D., M.P.H.

Independent Resident

Graduated - Microsurgery Fellowship USC

Hometown: Haiti

College: City College of New York

Medical School: University of California at San Francisco School

Hobbies: Enjoying the outdoors and cooking with his family


Prior to his arrival at LAC/USC, Dr. Carre completed his residency in general surgery at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical center, a Harvard teaching hospital in Boston,Massachusetts. He earned his Doctor of Medicine at University of California at  San Francisco School of Medicine and his graduate degree in Public Health from University of California at  Berkeley with an emphasis on health policy and management.completed as a post-doctoral fellowship as a Hagey Fellow in regenerative medicine. He was the recipient of many academic awards including the best paper at the American college of surgeon meeting in 2007. Dr. Carre has authored multiple peer reviewed scientific articles in PRS and has worked in the lab as well.

When not working, Dr Carre enjoys the great outdoors with his family and enjoys cooking alongside his wife and two children.

Grants and Awards

  1. MSC-Based Mesenchymal Regenerative Medicine: Guest Editor:  From Friday, 5 December 2014 Publication Date: Friday, 24 April 2015
  2. Resident Teacher Award, Department of Surgery BIDMC, Harvard Boston Mass. June 2012-July 2013
  3. Resident Teacher Award, Department of Surgery BIDMC, Harvard Boston Mass. June 2011-July 2012
  4. Administrative/education Chief Resident. Department of Surgery BIDMC, Harvard, Boston Mass July-2012-June 2013
  5. Hagey Fellowship Research Grant. Ex vivo mech of scarless wound healing. 2007-2009
  6. Finalist, Annual Dean’s Prize Award for Outstanding Medical Student Research. University, of California, San Francisco. James AW, Xu Y, Theologis AA, Carre AL, Longaker MT. Estrogen / estrogen receptor alpha in mouse cranial suture fusion. San Francisco, CA. November 2008.
  7. Recipient of the American college of Surgeon, Excellence Research Award of the year 2009. American College of Surgeons 2009 Clinical Congress, October 2009.
  8. Recipient of the Stanford University Department of surgery, research resident of the year award 2010. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Jan 2010,
  9. SKB foundation scholarship. UCSF school of medicine, 2002         
  10. Osher foundationscholarship. UCSF school of medicine, 2002


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